Interview with the great behavioral change designer Ph.D. Amy Bucher: Introducing the toolbox of the behavioral manager through fourteen questions.

About Amy

Amy Bucher is a recognized American psychologist from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan. Amy has been working at Mad*Pow since 2016 and is the vice president. Mad*Pow is a digital design agency that focuses on improving people’s experiences with technology, services, and organizations. Amy works on an evidence-based behavioral design for some of the world’s leading organizations, including Bank of America, Fidelity, McKesson, Timberland, Google, Microsoft, and Intuit. …

The toolbox of an behavioral manager

For over fifteen years, Matt Wallaert has been applying behavioral science to practical problems, from startup exits to the Fortune 500 to an array of pro-social side projects. As one of the first behavioral scientists to leave academia and work in industry, he’s given hundreds of talks on the science of behavior change at the UN, SXSW, and beyond. He was most recently the healthcare industry’s first Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, a multi-billion dollar insurance company, where he directed one of the world’s largest behavioral science teams, combining qualitative researchers, quantitative researchers…


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